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Yogasutra Foundation

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh, India

Yogsutra Foundation is dedicated to spread the Divine education of Yoga to the world. Our motive is to provide quality and authentic yoga education and essentials to those who want to start their spiritual journey or those who want to know the mysteries of life & nature and its relation with the Divine.

We are a leading name in providing Yoga Education and its related courses. Our 200 hour Teacher Training Course is designed in such a way that it suits the needs of a beginner and also it caters the needs of those who want to take their practise to the advance level.

Best trainers

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Deepak Prajapati

"Founder & Iyengar, Prenatal Yoga Teacher"

Deepak Prajapati Ji is an expert in teaching Physical Geometry aspects of Yoga. He has been practicing Yoga from past 15 years and has an extraordinary experience in his respective field.His teaching way is unique and revolves around three points, namely Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra.
He believes in treating the body as a temple. His teachings mainly focus on Philosophical knowledge about the body and the mind.His teachings revolve around the body and how we can keep it healthy.
He believes that any physical change that your body goes through ultimately affects your mind. While teaching, he tries to teach his students everything by the concept and that too in its total depth.

Preeti Prajapati

"Hatha Yoga Teacher"

Preeti Ji has been an excellent yoga practitioner since her young age. She knows about various yoga styles that include Raja, Hatha, and Astanga yoga. Her passion for Yoga perfectly reflects in her teaching style. She was always eager to spread the knowledge of Yoga since her childhood as she started delivering Asana class at Shivananda ashram at an early stage of her life.Yogini Preet has been a part of Yoga Sutra Foundation way back from its initial days. She takes classes specializing in flow yoga, Asthanga yoga, Vinyasa, and Sanskrit Mantra chanting. She basically teaches how to make your body posture beautiful. She believes in making his students be enlighted with the true meaning of Yoga by sharing the combination of theoretical knowledge and her personal experience.Yogini Preet defines her success as being those moments in which imparting she is able to bring a revolutionary change in the life of others.

Ankur Ji

"Yoga Anatomy Teacher"

Ankur Ji has a background of a professional MBBS. He learned yoga from his ancestor and has been practicing it for years. He has a vast knowledge of anatomy. His understanding of the physical structure of the body is at par excellence. He is a man of principle and has the same belief as the other members of the Yoga Sutra Foundation to spread the knowledge of Yoga all around the world to make this world a healthy and happy place. With the combination of his professional knowledge in anatomy and experienced knowledge in Yoga, Ankur Ji has been able to transform the lives of many of his students through his teachings and preachings.

Giri Ji

"Ayurveda Teacher"

Giri Ji is a renowned Yoga Master and an asset to Yoga Sutra Foundation. He is the leader of the research institute of the Ayurveda Medical Association of India and has spent his 12 years in the deep snowy mountains of Himalayas to practice Yoga and ancient Indian philosophy Vedanta. With more than 30 years of teaching experience as a yoga instructor, he has mastered this art. Giri Ji is good at Himalayan yoga courses that combine the philosophical wisdom and practice of the sects of India for thousands of years. It also includes the body and soul healing session of yoga and the Callanetics course of Kerala.