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Yoga in Rishikesh, India

YogaSutra Foundation is the right spot to learn the best practices of Yoga in Rishikesh, India. Our experienced teachers teach the Yoga Teacher Training Courses. There are sundry of courses and training we offer, which include 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga course, Prenatal Yoga, 7 Chakra Training, and whatnot. There is no need to go haywire in the search for the best yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. It's time to calm down and let your mind and body get aligned and settle in a state of equilibrium and feel the tranquility of the surrounding at the facility of the Yogasutra Foundation.

Kundalini Yoga TTC has been our specialty since our existence. We are known for the best Kundalini yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, and it's because of the way we teach it. We want you to experience the best of best learning about Yoga in Rishikesh with us. This time give yourself a treat of Yoga Retreat programs and experience a healthy and happy life.

We strive to teach the best, to be the best in what we aim. We aim to spread awareness about Yoga and its need in the life of an individual. Knowledge is a powerful weapon that any human can harness, but experience results in the wisdom to use that knowledge in the right way. We designed our courses in such a way that a beginner who is naive in Yoga can learn it quickly. He won't feel Yoga as something that's not his or her cup of tea. Learning never stops. So, our courses are also designed to take you to the advance journey of attaining the knowledge of Yoga. Pull up your socks and start your journey into a better world from today by reaching us.

Best Yoga School in Rishikesh India

Were you looking for the best yoga school in Rishikesh, India? Well, you found it. Yogasutra is one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. It offers a variety of Yoga courses like 200 Hour Yoga TTC, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, and much other yoga training. A school is not just known for the education it offers but also the infrastructure and facilities it provides to the students without compromising the quality of knowledge they impart to the students. Yogasutra Foundation stands excellent in all the mentioned requirements. We have the best in expertise and experienced teacher to teach you Yoga and its scope. Our location is a beautiful place away from the crowd to keep the distractions away. The infrastructure and architecture at Yoga Sutra Foundation provide you such an atmosphere and environment that will make you feel being at the right place. Yoga is not just about practicing Yoga physically. Yoga is more than what many think or teach it to be. Learn the differences between the myth and reality regarding yoga with us. We don't want you to just believe on our words but what we surely want from you is to give us a chance to serve you with our quality services and then believe us.
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Our Upcoming Courses

Course Date Course Name Fee (Shared Room) Fee (Private Room)
3/11/2019 - 30/11/2019 200 Hour Yoga TTC 799 USD 999 USD
3/12/2019 - 30/12/2019 200 Hour Yoga TTC 799 USD 999 USD
3/01/2020 - 30/01/2020 200 Hour Yoga TTC 999 USD 1199 USD
3/02/2020 - 01/03/2020 200 Hour Yoga TTC 999 USD 1199 USD
3/03/2020 - 30/03/2020 200 Hour Yoga TTC 999 USD 1199 USD


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“It all summed up to a fantastic experience for me to experience the Yoga with Yogasutra Foundation. It happened to be a more life-changing experience for me than I thought it to be. Thanks, Yogasutra.”
Jerry Hansen
“I was searching the web for the right place to learn and experience Yoga at a price that doesn't empty my pocket. Yogasutra is where I found my destination.”
John Hansen
“When I saw people doing yoga, I always thought is it possible for me to master it. With the Yoga TTC classes at Yogasutra, I can assure you that you can do it too.”
Anna Powel